The Philly Calendar is your independent source for offbeat, under-publicized, and free events and things to do around Philadelphia.

We started in 2013 in Boston with the simple goal of building a better events calendar, one tailored to the needs of young, cost-conscious residents who value experiences over possessions. Three years and thousands of listings later, The Boston Calendar has helped millions of users upgrade their “Netflix and chill” nights, and helped hundreds of creators and artists reach a new audience for their events.

In our first expansion to a new city, we’re proud to launch The Philly Calendar. So why Philly? In this city we recognize the same restless spirit, a young population eager to explore the city but sensing that there’s more to do and more to see out there. Also our content manager has spent a lot of time here visiting his girlfriend over the past three years, so we’re not total outsiders.

So what sets The Philly Calendar apart from other event listing sites?

We hope that you won’t leave home without checking us first. Unless you’re just going to work. In that case, check us out when you're bored at work to figure out what you’re doing when you’re at not-work.

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The Philly Calendar staff:

Sean O'Connor, Co-Founder
Saurav Bhattacharyya, Co-Founder
Jim Martinho, Content Manager